About this course

This course was created to help those who need additional and on-demand training for AS9100, an aerospace quality management system standard that assists many small businesses obtain additional work. 

With this course, businesses will be able to show that they have on-going training for their employees and meet the standard's requirement in employee training and leadership commitment.

Included support in this course is the online community, coaching calls and on-site visits to customize the implementation of the standard to client needs.


Michael Glover

Senior Instructor

Michael Glover has served on advisory councils, non-profit boards, and is the CEO/Owner of five privately held companies. Glover founded and manages a real estate investment company, Copper Key Capital, that invests throughout the United States . He also travels the country consulting financial advisors, attorneys, companies, small business owners, and start-ups on business systems and charitable planning. Mr. Glover resides in the Phoenix area with his wife, Erica, and their four children.

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